The Guildhall Trust takes an innovative approach to diversifying and evolving cultural assets to ensure growth, sustainability and social impact.

With a wealth of experience in the commercial and subsidised sectors, we offer pragmatic and creative advice and solutions to a range of organisations including Local Authorities, Venues, Cultural Organisations, Event Organisers and more.

As a charitable organisation we understand the balance between driving commercial revenues and supporting community and educational activities.

We have gone from zero to 25,000+ instances of community engagement each year through our targeted projects and production of nationally recognised events, all whilst increasing our turnover through diversifying our commercial initiatives.

The Guildhall Trust was formed as an Independent not for profit Distributing Organisation (NPDO) in 2010, becoming a registered charity (1153358) in 2013.

We have been the sole operator of the 2,000 seat iconic performance venue, Portsmouth Guildhall since 2010, where we have increased footfall through the venue by 120,000 people and increased income by £1million.

From 1st February 2024 we are also the sole operator of 1,066 seat venue, The White Rock, Hastings, one of East Sussex’s largest venues and a significant cultural asset for Hastings and the wider community.

Combining strong ethical management and practise with commercial know how, our ability to increase revenue against a backdrop of reduced subsidy has made us one of the most efficient and effective managements around.

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