£9.30 - £11.50

Start time: 7:30pm
A slapstick murder mystery, where the mystery is who to murder. 

A manor house in the countryside. A colourful cast of bizarre residents. A terribly ‘inconvenient’ weather event which means no one can leave. It sounds as if tonight, someone dies.

A mysterious stranger with a murderous vendetta arrives at Quexheath Manor, fully intent on ending a life to avenge a wrong done to his family many years before.

There’s only one tiny problem. He has no idea who he’s meant to kill. The stranger will definitely murder someone…but who? Well, he’s not entirely sure…he just hopes he gets it right…eventually.

A hilarious slapstick farce following an amateur would-be murderer desperately attempting to locate a villain and avenge a historic wrong, without harming anyone innocent in the process!

A murder mystery, where the mystery is who to murder.

Created, written, and directed by Robin Hatcher (the Noise Next Door, the Three Half Pints) and Callum Donnelly (the RSC, the Three Half Pints). 

Work in Progress show

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Comedy Drama

Age: 14's and under to be accompanied by an 18+ adult


No flash photography or iPads are allowed.


No externally bought drinks or any liquids - only certain food will be allowed. See our house rules for more information.


All events at White Rock include a ticket restoration levy.


See our house rules.

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